About us


We are your Distributors of a large variety of Vaping Supplies. Over 100 flavors of Eliquids, approximately 50 flavors of Nicotine Disposables, Coils, Batteries, Mods, Tanks and Delta 8 Cartridges, D8 Disposables, Delta 8 Gummies and D8 Flower.

Who We Are ?

An upscale vape Distributor, TJ has built a solid reputation for exceptional quality, friendly and welcoming service, affordable prices, and a vast array of products, including electronic cigarettes, e-juices, devices, and accessories. Many of the current employees at the Company started as frequent customers turned staff, sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge of vaping products and processes with interested customers.

Our Values

TJ DISTRIBUTOR offers a wide choice of outstanding goods for everyone from first-time vapers to seasoned vapers, as well as a nice and relaxing smoking lounge on-site, and has rapidly become the most popular vape shop in Wisconsin. Not only is it a great location to relax and vape, but it also has convenient parking, and there are usually movies or music playing, with a wide variety to pick from.

Personalized service, experienced experts, and great goods are available to all vapers, from beginner to advance.

Our Mission

A pleased consumer is more likely to return and tell others about their positive experience. If the consumer tells two other people. Those two friends then tell their two friends, and the result is a vibrant vaping community. That is exactly what we want to see. Customers believe they are handled with dignity and have a genuine desire to see this company succeed.

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